Journal Archive
  1. 2021

    How to create a smash hit Build to Rent development
    Smart layouts, bespoke furniture and striking art – read our top interior design tips for attracting tenants and keeping them happy.
    Property freebies. Gimmick or marketing gold?
    We look at the psychology behind attention-grabbing giveaways and the impact they have on brands and the would-be buyers they court.
    Do big-brand developments sell faster?
    In a bid to win the hearts and minds of buyers and renters, developers are collaborating with big names in the design world.
    Entrepreneurship Part I
    Featuring interviews with some of Britain’s leading entrepreneurs in VR and Gaming, Property Development and Hospitality.
    Entrepreneurship Part II
    More insights from hospitality giant Charlie Gilkes of Inception Group, and Tom Appleton of Rocket Properties.
    Interior design trends that are here to stay
    Broken plan living. Home offices. Zoom stage-setting. We explore the biggest interior design evolutions borne out of lockdown.
    Our top 5 predictions for 2022
    Will 2022 see Tomorrow’s World-level innovations capable of protecting our countryside, safeguarding our planet and looking after our elderly?
    The problem with sustainability: celebrity, teenage Swedes and upcycled apple crates.
    Will an angry Greta Thunberg and furniture made from recycled ocean plastics be enough to save our planet?
    Kerb appeal was king. Now it’s clicks.
    We explore the trend of social influencers selling real estate – from celebrity misfires to the self-made opinion formers with a following.
    Death of the show flat
    Generic has had its day. And neutral is neither here nor there. So cradle colour, play with pattern and create an interior worth living in.
  2. 2020

    Multi-functional? Try multi-fabulous.
    Multi-fabulous spaces have the power to ignite creativity, nurture culture and foster a strong sense of community.
    Can design save us?
    From meaningful mementoes to social mobility – we look at five core areas that could protect our physical and mental wellbeing.
    Four ways to stay relevant and thrive
    We all need to re-energise our enterprising spirit from time to time. And these four principles can help us do just that.
    Getting back to nature
    Plant power, air-purifying tech, healing colour – there’s lots developers and designers can do to boost health and happiness.