The Dumont | Exterior Terrace | Angel O'Donnell
Ovington Street | Interior | Angel O'Donnell
Brixton | Kitchen sideboard and sink | Angel O'Donnell

“There’s no signature look. Just exquisite design and impeccable quality.”

Ed O’Donnell Co-Founder & Creative Director
Poland Street Penthouse | Soho Flat | Angel O'Donnell
Soho Loft | Living Room | Angel O'Donnell
The OWO Exterior Facade | Angel O'Donnell
Prince of Wales Drive Interior | Angel O'Donnell | Interior Design London

“Good design is about understanding the needs of the customer, the market and us as a client.

“Angel O’Donnell hits the mark in a thoughtful, creative and collegiate manner time after time.”

Warwick Hunter Managing Director Henley Investment Management
Amory Tower Apartments | The Madison | Angel O'Donnell
The Atlas Building | Exterior | Angel O'Donnell
Wapping Penthouse Lounge | Angel O'Donnell | Interior Design London

“Angel O’Donnell’s ability to meet clients’ objectives – and at the same time create something beautiful that grabs people’s attention – really sets them apart.”

Charlie Walsh Head of Residential Sales & Marketing The OWO
Kings Cross Quarter Interior | Angel O'Donnell
10 George Street | Shared Space | Angel O'Donnell | Canary-Wharf
Angel O'Donnell | Interior Design | Newfoundland Kidult Space
Angel O'Donnell | Interior Design | Newfoundland Apartments
Angel O'Donnell | Interior Design | Amory Tower communal lounge