Try multi-fabulous.

Multi-functionality is often linked to small urban dwellings. The idea that you’ve got to think big to live small; to find ingenious ways to shape a shoebox into versatile pockets of work, rest and play. But what about multi-functionality on a grand scale?

Take London’s Southbank Centre. It’s a brutalist assemblage of exhibitions, festivals, art installations and live performances. Same goes for pop-ups, which have become cultural incubators for new food trends, emerging fashion labels and creative work hubs.

These aren’t just multi-functional spaces – they’re multi-fabulous destinations with big appeal. And the enterprising principles that make these spaces a success are now being applied to new developments for the rental market.

The emergence of multi-fabulous in luxury rental developments

Multi-functional Buildings

Multi-functional Buildings

 Vertus, 10 George Street, Canary Wharf.

Developers like Canary Wharf Group have responded to the growing demands of renters with multi-fabulous amenities that attract a diverse demographic – from artists to social entrepreneurs. One example is Vertus, 10 George Street, Canary Wharf.

We had the privilege of interior designing 10,000 sq ft of their residents’ social spaces. As you’ll see, community was at the heart of every design decision we made.

The Lounge

Multi-fabulous can’t be generic. That’s why we created a lively aesthetic combining striking geometric patterns with splashes of bright colour to create cheerful zones for people to work and relax in. We also peppered the look with a dazzling assortment of British artwork.

10 George Street | seating Area | Angel O'Donnell | Canary-Wharf

10 George Street | seating Area | Angel O’Donnell | Canary-Wharf

Work – Social Bar

The pink neon wall art is by renown British artist, Lauren Baker. And the elegant table with its tall, tapered legs is by us, Angel O’Donnell. It was important for every space, even workstations, to exude style and be able to double up as a social hangout.

10 George Street | Interior | Angel O'Donnell | Canary-Wharf

10 George Street | Interior | Angel O’Donnell | Canary-Wharf

Private Dining

We designed the large dining table. It comprises six pieces of Brazilian Fusion Marble, sharply defined by a network of brass inlay. When people aren’t dining, a sliding partition can conceal the kitchen, transforming the space into an impressive boardroom.

10 George Street | Set Table | Angel O'Donnell | Canary-Wharf

10 George Street | Set Table | Angel O’Donnell | Canary-Wharf


What community wouldn’t be complete without an Instagrammer’s al fresco fantasy? Enormous daybeds, giant cabanas, sleek lounge chairs, state-of-the-art kitchen and a mobile bar – all designed with fun times in mind. It’s another multi-fabulous hot spot, where people can thrive.

10 George Street | Angel O'Donnell | Canary-Wharf

10 George Street | Angel O’Donnell | Canary-Wharf

Multi-fabulous spaces transcend function and utility by embracing style and luxury. They contribute to a community’s vitality and help to breed new ideas through knowledge-exchange and shared experiences. In today’s polarised society, multi-fabulous couldn’t be more vital.