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  1. 2022

    Colour of the month
    Homes & Gardens celebrates October’s colour: purple in all its dramatic, nuanced glory.
    Five-star residences overlooking Lord’s
    Buyers are bowled over by the five-star amenities and quietly confident interiors, designed by Angel O’Donnell
    Step inside One St. John’s Wood
    Explore apartments inspired by the area’s leafiness and world-famous Lord’s Cricket Ground.
    Ed lives for details, Après-ski + more
    Ed O’Donnell joins Design Milk for Friday Five. Discover some of his top inspirations – from fragrances to fringe theatre.
    Historical London grandeur
    When someone buys an apartment inside The OWO, they’re buying a slice of British history, culture and fame.
    Next level staircases
    Want to make a great first impression? Then elevate your staircase with these great design ideas.
    Heritage landmark living
    London’s former Old War Office opens its doors to reveal the world’s first Raffles-branded residences.
    The magic of murals
    Murals can transport you to far-flung lands, envelop you in fantasy, and immerse you in narrative. Explore the magic of murals…
    Creating drama in the home
    Vibrant wallpapers, painted ceilings, lavish lighting – visual drama in the home should delight, enliven and entertain.
    Big prices in Little Venice
    Once rundown, Little Venice is now home to fintech entrepreneurs, pop stars, fashion photographers and now Ed O’Donnell.
    Inside Churchill’s wartime HQ
    Homes & Gardens steps into the past for an intimate room-by-room tour of the historic The OWO Residences.
    First impressions count
    Developers must work harder than ever to distinguish themselves from the competition and make a great first impression.
    First look: The OWO unveiled
    Design studios Angel O’Donnell and Albion Nord complete the world’s first Raffles-branded residences at The OWO.
    Globetrotting with Ed
    Ed reveals in his favourite getaways and best souvenirs in luxury property magazine, Abode2.
    20 ways to cosy up your fireplace
    Warm colours, large candles, decorative wood piles – read the experts’ top tips for creating a toasty focal point in the home.
    Old-world charm meets six-star service
    Get the inside track on what residents can expect from The OWO’s incredible amenities and service.
    There’s only one One St. John’s Wood
    A new residential development in an iconic location that embraces the trappings of luxury London living.
    Colourful bedroom ideas
    Check out Livingetc’s pick of the best colourful bedroom ideas to bring vibrancy and character to your space.
    Culture, comfort and famous art
    Angel O’Donnell wanted to create a home fit for a world-class citizen; a home rich in culture, comfort and seriously impressive art.
    Stairs with hidden surprises
    It’s an elevation revelation: top ideas for putting the space under your stairs to better use.
    10 of the chicest bedrooms in the world
    From Bali to Delhi to good o’ Blighty – check out ten of the best boudoirs in the world.
    Creative and versatile designs
    Overall Winner, Angel O’Donnell, reflects on the significance of awards and the importance of having faith in one’s designs.
    Nature-inspired interiors
    A bevy of big-name designers celebrate the joys of springtime interiors – from sunny pastels to floral prints.
    Meet the founders
    The Luxury Property Forum chats to Richard and Ed about their award-winning studio, Angel O’Donnell.
    Galley kitchen ideas
    The galley kitchen – with its efficient, straight-lined layout – is making a comeback. So squeeze tight and think small.
    Set the stage
    Empty properties are harder to sell. So if you don’t want to hang around – and who does? – you must show off your property’s full potential.
    Picture-perfect framing
    A frame is the finishing touch to a work of art. But there’s a lot to consider, as Ed O’Donnell and other experts explain.
    The cream of the Capital
    Check out some of the most ambitious developments changing the face of London.
    Zone your home…and breathe
    Doctor’s orders: sooth your soul in a room filled with natural materials and warm light.
    10 smart investment buys for the home
    Investing in pieces that will stand the test of time – and even go up in value – is where the smart money is.
    Boutique hotel inspiration
    Join Ed O’Donnell as he walks us through the beautiful, pattern-rich interiors of a classic Chelsea townhouse.
  2. 2021

    The future of the show apartment
    Richard Angel argues that the cookie-cutter approach to interior designing a show apartment has gone well and truly stale.
    Design to rent
    In an in-depth interview, Richard Angel & Ed O’Donnell reveal the secrets to creating a smash-hit Build to Rent development.
    Private skyline
    Italian journalist, Maria Tatsos, vividly captures the terrace and interiors of our penthouse at The Dumont.
    Latest project unveiled
    Ed O’Donnell reveals his inspirations for an 18th-floor penthouse with a vast 1,867sq ft roof terrace and sweeping views of the Capital.
  3. 2020

    A New York-style penthouse in East London
    The Atlas Building’s shiny steel and glass structure conjures thoughts of 1920s Manhattan and the strong shapes of Art Deco design.
    Trading spaces
    Want to see how an interior designer lives? Then step inside Ed O’Donnell’s former Brixton home…it won’t disappoint.
    Compact and clever
    See how interior designer Ed O’Donnell and his team squeezed the best out of precious London square footage.
    Timeless interiors
    Hear it from the experts: Richard Angel and Ed O’Donnell share top tips on space-planning, colour palettes, patterns and more.
    London calling
    White marble, shiny metal, warm, dark wood – just some of the features in our Shoreditch penthouse that appeal to Marie Claire Maison.
    Little house. Big personality.
    Small can not only be beautiful but also surprisingly spacious – as Ed O’Donnell’s former 9ft 8in wide house proves.
  4. 2019

    Experts in prime design
    Richard Angel and Ed O’Donnell discuss interior design trends, artisan crafts, Build to Rent, and where they see themselves in five years’ time.