The OWO | Angel O'Donnell | Interior Design London

The OWO | Angel O'Donnell | Interior Design London

Meet the founders

Highs, near-lows, and what the future holds…

Richard and Ed met while working for an established interior design firm just outside of London. Richard was a managing director, Ed a creative team head. Both were frustrated with how process-driven the company was. A culture that prized uniformity over creative freedom just wasn’t for them. But instead of moaning about it, they decided to strike out on their own. With zero investment, they worked remotely from home, pitched for work, won work, and before they knew it, Angel O’Donnell was a bona fide business.

Priya Rawal, Founder and CEO of The Luxury Property Forum, deep dives into Richard and Ed’s journey so far, exploring the challenges and highlights that come with running a burgeoning design studio in a fiercely competitive market.

Check out their most in-depth interview to-date.